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To determine if a client is eligible for naturalization, Pathways legal staff may request a FOIA using Form G-639. The Freedom of Information Act, is the United States federal freedom of information law that requires the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased or uncirculated information and documents controlled by the U.S. government, state, or other public authority upon request.


At Pathways, we conduct USCIS FOIA and FBI FOIA request on behalf of clients in order to confirm their eligibility for certain immigration benefits. 


A USCIS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request can be used to access your immigration records

as well as any additional information that US Immigration might have on record for you. Pathways staff

requests a USCIS FOIA when a client has had an interaction with immigration officials that could

potentially prohibit them from seeking certain immigration benefits.


While a USCIS FOIA requests immigration records from United States Citizenship and Immigration

Services (USCIS), an FBI FOIA requests criminal records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation

(FBI). Pathways staff will request an FBI FOIA if a client has had some type of criminal infraction in the past that could hinder their ability to obtain a specific immigration benefit. 

Most, if not all, immigration applications require very specific details like exact dates and locations of certain events. You want all of the information you provide to USCIS to match whatever information they have on file. A lot of the time people cannot remember these exact details as they pertain to events that took place decades ago. We request FOIA's to ensure our clients qualify for the immigration benefits they seek and we are providing the most accurate information possible on their behalf. 


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