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Volunteer Attorney Program

Are you a licensed attorney who wants to help low income immigrants and refugees?

Pathways to Citizenship is looking for licensed volunteer attorneys to help our legal representatives represent qualified immigrant and refugee clients. No immigration law training or experience is necessary. Pathways trains and mentors volunteer attorneys as they work with Pathways to bring hope and opportunity to hard-working immigrant families.

The Process


Start by submitting your application through our website or contacting our volunteer coordinator.

Click here to apply now!


Once your application is reviewed and accepted, attend a orientation session. Learn about our organization's mission, values, and the specific responsibilities of a volunteer attorney.


Engage in a mentorship program where experienced legal representatives guide you through the nuances of immigration law and unique challenges faced by immigrants and refugees.

Your legal expertise can provide crucial assistance to those navigating complex immigration processes. By volunteering, you contribute to fostering a welcoming and supportive community. Help individuals achieve a brighter future by offering your legal skills, become a part of positive change today!

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