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Your language skills can make a real impact on the lives of immigrants seeking a pathway to citizenship. Join our compassionate team and be the voice that helps them navigate their journey with confidence. 

Opportunities include:

1. Document Translation: Contribute by translating various legal and personal documents such as letters, declarations, birth and marriage certificates. Volunteer translators can also assist with translating our website and outreach flyers in order to better share our resources.

2. Interpreter during Meetings: Join us in-person or virtually to act as an interpreter during office meetings, facilitating clear and effective communication between or legal professionals and clients.

Languages in Demand:

  • Spanish

  • Pashto

  • Ukrainian

As a vital bridge between our legal team and clients, volunteer translators play a crucial role in breaking language barriers. Apply online and upon acceptance, you'll receive training and be ready to contribute to our mission.

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